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12 Jan 2017
Fundraising can feel like a daunting task, but we’ve got some quick and easy ideas to get you started.
First, set your fundraising goal - $10,000 is a good starting point, but the competitive nature of CEOs often leads to higher targets! Check the website leader board to see who you are up against. Our goal is to raise $2 million (that’s 4 million meals we can deliver!), so every dollar counts.

Spread The Word

  • Email Templatessimply log in to your personal fundraising page and go to the email tab to use the email template, or cut and paste the copy below.
  • Email Signatures – we will send you a personalised email signature and one for your staff to promote your role at the CEO CookOff. Make sure you hyperlink the image to your personal fundraising page.
  • Social Media – use the copy provided below or post your own to spread the message on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Media & PR – Get your PR department involved and send a press release to your industry or local media (see an example press release below). A fun photo opportunity is a great way to profile your corporate social responsibility.
  • Internal communications – use the copy we have provided below, write your own message or record a video message for your company newsletter, website or personal blog. A great way to rally the troops and explain why you are getting involved!
  • Speaking engagements – don’t forget to mention the CEO CookOff and promote your personal fundraising page.
  • Posters and images – promote your involvement around the office, in your local community, pub or sports club and encourage donations by using the CEO CookOff poster available in the Resources section of your personal dashboard.

Ideas to inspire and involve the team

  • Implement a Casual Day at the office for a donation and encourage your workplace to match donations
  • Raffle or auction off items and donate the funds to the CEO CookOff, throw in a personal mentoring session with the CEO!
  • People love to share food, host a breakfast, brunch, lunch or Friday BBQ where staff bring in a plate to share and make a gold coin donation in return
  • Get outdoors and active, plan a weekend excursion hike or a cycling session to raise extra funds
  • Leave a donation box or OzHarvest piggy bank at your office reception to encourage donations and raise awareness about your involvement in this event
  • For one month or a period of time, ask all staff to end their calls with, “Did you know that our CEO is taking part in the OzHarvest CEO CookOff? Would you like to make a donation to help feed Australians in need? Every $1 donated allows OzHarvest to deliver2 meals.”
  • Consider adding a $1 donation to all purchase orders and invoices raised for a nominated period of time
  • Implement a “Swear Jar” concept to collect donations , you could also rattle the jar for late attendance to meetings!
  • Test the culinary skills of your team by holding a “Staff CookOff” to help fundraise for the cause
  • Make Friday night drinks a fundraising event
  • Get everyone thinking of different and fun ways to help get you ahead in the CEO CookOff leader board. Award prizes for the best ideas and for the employee who fundraises the most on your behalf.
  • Nominate fundraising champions in each department, get some friendly competition going to see which team can raise the most funds.


Social media posts

Spread the word about your fundraising efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and don't forget to use the hashtag #ceocookoff and tag us @ozharvest
Connect with OzHarvest and share our CEO CookOff posts: like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
Please support me in the OzHarvest CEO CookOff 2017 to help @OzHarvest eliminate hunger and food waste. On March 6th I will be teaming up with other CEOs and top chefs to cook delicious meals for vulnerable Aussies, please donate today [your fundraising page link].
Every $1 donated to @OzHarvest allows them to deliver two meals to vulnerable Australians. That’s why I’ll be taking part in OzHarvest’s CEO CookOff in March 2017 to help cook over 1,100 mealsfor Aussies in need. Please support a great cause: [your fundraising
page link].
Please give generously and help feed Aussies in need. Help today by donatingto the @OzHarvest #CEOCookOff 2017 [your fundraising page link].
Thanks to all my amazing supporters I’ve helped raise $XXXX so far for the @OzHarvest #CEOCookOff 2017. Help me reach my target of $YYYY? by donating today [your fundraising page link].
  • Please support me in @OzHarvest’s #ceocookoff 2017to help eliminate hunger, homelessness and food waste. [your fundraising page link]
  • Help me as l team up with a top chef for the @ozharvest #ceocookoff to cook meals for vulnerable Aussies: [your fundraising page link]
  • Every $1 donated to @OzHarvest for #ceocookoff 2017 helps them deliver 2 meals to vulnerable Aussies. Donate here: [your fundraising page link]
  • Please give generously and help feed Aussies in need. Donate to the @OzHarvest #ceocookoff 2017 [your fundraising page link]
  • Thanks to amazing donors I’ve raised $XXXX so far for @OzHarvest #ceocookoff 2017. Can you help me reach my target? [your fundraising page link]
Images and posters
You can use the following images to support social media or any of your fundraising communications. (These images and more are also available in the Resources section of your personal dashboard).
Find these images and more tips in the in the Resources section of your personal dashboard.

Sample email copy

Dear friends and colleagues,
On March 6th 2017, I will be swapping my usual high pressure meetings for a high pressure kitchen, to take part in the OzHarvest CEO CookOff - a fantastic cause which highlights the crucial issues of hunger, homelessness and food waste, and puts me under pressure in the kitchen!
I will be joining 200 CEOs and some of Australia’s top chefs as we team up to cook and serve delicious meals to over 1,100 vulnerable Aussies and raise much needed funds for Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, OzHarvest.
I would love your support to help reach my fundraising goal of $[insert goal] which will go towards the overall target of $2million to help OzHarvest deliver over four million meals to Australians in need.
To donate, simply go to my fundraising page below and click ‘sponsor me’ or ‘donate’. Whether you donate $5 or $500, every dollar equals 2 meals OzHarvest can deliver to the most vulnerable people in our community.[INSERT YOUR NAME]
Thanks so much for your support,

Sample media release

Media release | January 2017
[INSERT COMPANY NAME] boss joins top chefs for a charity cook off to help raise funds to fight hunger and homelessness
The country’s top CEOs will be swap their high powered meetings for a high pressure kitchen as they join some of Australia’s favourite chefs at OzHarvest’s CEO CookOff in Sydney on Monday 6 March.
[INSERT COMPANY NAME] CEO, [INSERT CEO NAME], will be teaming up with over 200 business leaders from across the country to raise money for leading food rescue charity, OzHarvest, helping to support vulnerable Australians and raise awareness about food security, homelessness and food waste. CEOs are teamed with acclaimed chefs including Matt Moran, Neil Perry, Guillaume Brahimi and Dan Hong to prepare a three course meal for approximately 1,100 Australian homeless and disadvantaged people.
OzHarvest CEO and Founder, Ronni Kahn, says the stakes a re high as the fundraising target this year is $2million, but thanks to the competitive nature of CEOs she is confident the goal will be reached.
“The CEO CookOff is a magical event in the lives of vulnerable men and women in Australia, and a life changing experience for top business leaders and talented chefs, who come together to cook up a feast to feed for 1,100 people in need.
Last year we broke all records raising an incredible $1.6 million nationally, allowing us to deliver more than three million meals to those who need it most. The 2017 CEO CookOff will be even bigger and better!” Ronni said.
Registrations and donations are now open at
Media enquiries: OzHarvest PR & Media Manager, Fiona Nearn t: 02 9516 3877 m: 0405 588186 e:

Remember, we are here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us by calling the office on (02) 9516 3877 and asking for Claire Palmer or by email:


Good luck and happy fundraising!

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