Is my Community CookOff registration fee tax deductible?

Yes. Your $1,500 registration fee is fully tax deductible and goes towards your fundraising tally.

Do I need to fundraise?

Absolutely! Our aim is to raise $3 million dollars, allowing us to deliver 6 million meals!

Your fundraising literally keeps the wheels turning on our Food Rescue vans and allows us to continue to Nourish our Country through our Education and Community Engagement programs and Innovations like our Food Rescue App.

How can staff members get involved?

You can register a Team of up to 5 staff members. Whether it’s the Executive Assistant, Social Media Manager or IT Guru, participating in the Community CookOff with your team is a shared experience like no other.

Team members each set up their own fundraising page and collect donations to help your company team reach its target.

You can also get your staff involved in your fundraising journey. We will assign a fundraising coach to ensure you are set up for success and find meaningful touchpoints to engage your organisation with our purpose.

Office CookOff

With many people returning to the office, this is a great way to re-energise your team and bring everyone together for purpose. By hosting a Community CookOff in your workplace, you can enter with a larger group – all you need is a big enough kitchen space and a team of eager participants and we’ll do the rest!