John Banfield

Group CEO at BPAY Group
Participating in their 1st CEO CookOff


I'm helping OzHarvest raise $3,000,000 to feed those in need in the OzHarvest CEO CookOff

I'm participating in OzHarvest's 2019 CEO CookOff, where top CEOs, chefs and companies work together to make a difference to Australia’s most vulnerable and reduce food waste.

We'd love your support in helping our organisation reach our fundraising goal! Every $1 donated to OzHarvest means they can deliver 2 meals to those in need.

Watch the video to see what this means to the people OzHarvest helps.

Stay tuned for the journey!

My Bio

My Achievements

$5,000 raised – Halfway there!

$10,000 raised – Target reached!

Target Increased

$50,000 raised!!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


$10k Pledge


Bpay Group

Here’s a donation from your friends at BPAY Group. We’ve made it in the hope that you'll promise to stick to CEOing and not switch to cooking!


John Banfield


Karl Bowen


Bpay Group


Renee Amor

A great charity that I support too. Good cooking!


Tony Bonney

Nice work JB.


Ann Lange

Great cause. Hope you enjoy the cookoff!


Trevor Dixon


Keith Brown

John, Great cause, good luck Keith


Dom Agostino


Hugh Frames

Great cause John. Good luck!


Cathie Morrison

Great cause John and we already know what a wonderful cook you are, so it will be a great meal. Have fun!


Jaipin Soh

Good Initiative and Best of Luck John


Brian Hewetson

Making a difference as always JB !


Colin Mapp


Chris Kosasih

Good luck and all the best :)


Ronita Sarkar

All the best, John!


Anna Sweeney

Enjoy the cook off and Well done!


Bill Ruch

Great thing to do, JB. All the best.


Sean Nairn


Oxana Barysheva

Great initiative, John!


Seema Ali

Wonderful initiative and a great cause John. Good luck!


Ann Lange


Meg Ravikumar

It's a great cause and inspiring initiative to help those in need. All the best John :)


Oshri Zvi

Great cause John and good luck :-)


Iza Kinda


Heidi Symon


Chrysoula Kangelari


Voltaire Verayo

Great cause John! God bless


Sarah Westbrook


Sheifaly Suri

Great cause !!


John Banfield


Angela King

Good luck in the cook off John, hope you're in the winning team (I know that's not what it's about but I'll say it anyway)!

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