Martin Baker

Business Unit Director at Boston Scientific
Participating in their 1st CEO CookOff


I'm helping OzHarvest raise $3,000,000 to feed those in need in the OzHarvest CEO CookOff

I'm participating in OzHarvest's 2019 CEO CookOff, where top CEOs, chefs and companies work together to make a difference to Australia’s most vulnerable and reduce food waste.

We'd love your support in helping our organisation reach our fundraising goal! Every $1 donated to OzHarvest means they can deliver 2 meals to those in need.

Watch the video to see what this means to the people OzHarvest helps.

Stay tuned for the journey!

My Bio

My Achievements

$5,000 raised – Halfway there!

$10,000 raised – Target reached!

Target Increased

$50,000 raised!!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Martin Baker


Paul Braico

Dont forget those knives are very sharp! Onya Martin.


That It Guy




Hey Marty, Enjoy cooking at the cookoff.. it's an amazing event raising money for such an incredible cause. I'm happy to hand the BSC baton to you. cheers Paula


Reaz Ali

Great cause Marty, make sure you take your Master Chef apron


Janet Lange


Paula Bandini



Thanks Martin for helping with such a worthy cause


Nicky Treacy


Mick Evans

Bangers and mash is always a crowd pleaser! All the best Martin.


Kelvin Mow


Anna Walkley

Hope all goes well!!


Hugo Serva


Michael Nesci

Don’t forget to fry the croutons first when making the Malachi Crunch! Happy cooking!


Allison Fox

Good luck Martin, stay away from the onions.



Good luck tonight and have fun!! Hope you get to the $10K


Simon Grant




Gary Anderson

MasterChef Martin Good on you!


Sonia Perri

All the best Martin


Mike Baulch


Michelle Nguyen-ly

Great Cause Martin. All the best!! Hopefully they won't be making you chop onions!!


Jeremy Anghie



Nice work Martin.


Mark Durward

Thanks for representing us Martin!


Craig Moullin


Christina Morley

Thanks for flying the BSC flag Marty!


Ethan Groves

Good luck Marty!


Joahnna Rubang


Jeff Ahern

Kitchen skills and thrills. Well done Martin


Marios Nicolaou

Good on you for participating in this Martin. Enjoy the day!


Kiran Sandhu

Goodluck Marty, hope you return in one piece ;)


Jane Thompson

Jolly good luck Martin


Matthew Woolven

Good on you, this is a great cause. Thanks for representing us!


Samantha Igoe

Well done Marty, all the best!


Lucas Michael

Thanks for representing the caring spirit at BSC. Don’t forget to read the label on the spice jar... :)


Aditya Ketkar


Michael Denney

I to know what it is like to go hungry, so when the hunger starts remember that a mountain never hides from the rain.


Agnes Licciardi

Good Luck on "blitzing" your goal of $10,000 such a great cause!


Brett Cookman

good food, good cause, good luck!


Johannes Lahninger


Sharon Steer




Leith Bridges

Well done Martin, great cause.


Martin Baker

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