Raj Khetia

Community Cookoff 2023

I'm helping to feed people in need!

Last year demand for food relief in Australia hit an all-time high. With so many new people turning to charities for the first time in their lives.

That's why I want to raise valuable funds to help OzHarvest get good food to those who need it most and keep their wheels turning so they can continue to support over 1,900 charities across the country.

Every dollar raised provides two meals. I'd love your support in helping me reach my fundraising goal.

My Achievements

$5,000 raised – Halfway there!

$10,000 raised - Bring on the Black Apron!

Target Increased

Thank you to my Sponsors




Raj Khetia


Viren Rekha Khetia

It’s always a good cause to help people less fortunate than you



Great work mate


Peter Walton

Great work, hoping you exceed your goal


Vijay Manivel


Shalin, Ishan & Sangita

Daddy is an amazing chef! We love you ❤️❤️


Todd Elliott


Masis Dar Es Salaam

All the best


Rashmi Trivedi

Keep up with the great cause.


Yash Gandhi

Onya Raj! If only you could cook your famous Chicken Tikka for them 🤤🤤🤤


Samantha & Niraj Shah

Happy cooking for a great cause, Raj!


Thang Nguyen

Raj's Kitchen Rulez!


Bharat-uri Naker

Go Rajan!


Veena Bhatt

Good Cause Well Done Rajan From Manoj,Veena and Siddharth


Usha &gunu Naker


De Guzlerrr

Go Raj!!!


Lisa K

Great cause Raj!


Arvinda, Punkaj, Deesha, Bonetti & Orion

This is a great charity!


Bharani Iyer

Great work Raj, all the very best.


Jaymesh Khetia


Rhonda Chu


Allan Kha


Neil Banek

Go Raj and Team Canon!


Kartika Panwar

Well done!


Natalie Cuffe



Great work Raj, have fun! 👏


Suniti And Prabhu

Great cause!!! We are supporting you.


Aarti Dhillon

Well done Raj. Awesome effort!!!



Hey Raj, it's a great cause. We will continue to cheer for you


Anjali Weerakoon

Good stuff Raj!!


Canon Employee Market Day


Pooja Naidu Kingsley

Amazing contribution and effort Rajan! x


Daniel Sharkey



Murray Jess

Go Raj!!!!



Good onya rajmaaaaaaaaaaa!


Alex Arcan




Kylie Kelly




Nicky Bryson

I love your OzHarvest passion, Raj!!


Guido Seevens



Cook up a storm Raj. What a kind gesture for those who need it the most. The world needs great people like you and your team. Thank you, Miss Bee.



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