Rebecca James

CEO at FlexiGroup
Participating in their 1st CEO CookOff


I'm helping OzHarvest raise $3,000,000 to feed those in need in the OzHarvest CEO CookOff

I'm participating in OzHarvest's 2019 CEO CookOff, where top CEOs, chefs and companies work together to make a difference to Australia’s most vulnerable and reduce food waste.

We'd love your support in helping our organisation reach our fundraising goal! Every $1 donated to OzHarvest means they can deliver 2 meals to those in need.

Watch the video to see what this means to the people OzHarvest helps.

Stay tuned for the journey!

My Bio

My Achievements

$5,000 raised – Halfway there!

$10,000 raised – Target reached!

Target Increased

$50,000 raised!!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rebecca James




Margaret Doman


Dick And Jane Ltd.

If in doubt add BUTTER!


Christine Christian

A terrific initiative and great cause. Well done, Rebecca


Will Lavender

Bec, you cook up some pretty hot stuff out there in business land, we think you'll be fine. Cheerfully, Will.


Flexigroup Au Team

Goodluck and have fun Bec! #iwdflexituckshop


Ben Lamb

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." ―Mohammed Ali


Tim Lord

Great cause !


Tracy Noon

Your gift is in the giving, Bec, if not the food itself!


Ingrid Purcell

Good luck Bec! I’ve had some ‘Bec baking’ in the past so I know there is some talent underneath that uber eats ordering. You’ll be great x


Chris Lamers

Hope the cooking lessons are going well :-)



Good luck Bec


Alan Yeo


Isobel Rogerson

Go Bec! Proud of our support for this initiative!


Trevor Lipman

Good luck Bec. Have fun and enjoy the experience.


Jacqueline Page


Emma Skondras

Great cause Bec, hope you smash your goal! x



What a fabulous cause Bec ... happy cooking! :-)


Benoit Garnaud

Great cause! Wishing you all the best.


Carlo Cataldo

Great cause, well done Rebecca.


Wendy Mak

Awesome cause and you've totally got this :)


Kate Porter

Well done Bec. A great cause!


Jenny Young

Well done Bec!


Michele Galvin

Great cause, good luck


Kate Ferguson

Good luck Bec!! You will nail it!


Mali Mccutcheon

Such a great cause. Good luck!


Brendon Mcdermott

Great cause. Good luck!


Kirsty Mckenna

Fantastic initiative. Go Rebecca. We are all behind you!!


Kevin Baptiste (flexigroup)

Good luck Bec, such a great cause.


Lizzy M


Alison Prokop



Good luck Bec! :)


Chris Hipwood

Good luck!!


Aldo Collacchi

You are performing a great service to the less fortunate.

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