Tam & CCO Volunteer Welfare Team - Cheerleader

Cheerleader at OzHarvest
Participating in their Community CookOff

I'm helping to feed people in need

Last year demand for food relief in Australia hit an all-time high. With so many new people turning to charities for the first time in their lives.

That’s why I want to raise valuable funds to help OzHarvest get good food to those who need it most and keep their wheels turning so they can continue to support over 1,800 charities across the country.

Every dollar raised provides two meals. I'd love your support in helping me reach my fundraising goal!

Watch the video to see the OzHarvest impact in the last year. 

The kids are leading the charge.

Two years ago, I was just getting started on my fundraising for the 2020 CEO Cookoff. Then the phone rang when I answered the call "Hi Tam it's Ronni". If you've ever met Ronni, you know she is optimism embodied. Not this day I sense something different in her voice, the next 10 min was about why and the need for the suspension of the CEO Cookoff 2020. 
I wrote to the people who have supported the effort of the 2020 CEO Cookoff to inform them that the event is postponed and that we hope to put the event back on as soon as possible. 
Fast forward to 2022, things have definitely changed, different format, the needs is the same and the challenges are as tough if not tougher than ever. 
I found it tough to get going this time around, tired and really angry and annoyed it seems nothing has changed people are still hungry. 
I started tapping out personal messages to each person(I don't know any other way and I don't fund raise any other way) the energy level rises, this has to be done. 
Then came the boost of energy as friends and family are doing their bits, some of the donations are coming in from people who have never donated before, it's children of friends and family that are contributing their pocket money to their parents' contribution.

This year I am going set aside $1000 to match every young person (under 18) donnation. 

We are nearly at the 3 Million meals mark, let's push this above half way mark.  

See you all at the Community Cook Off.

My Achievements

$5,000 raised – Halfway there!

$10,000 raised – Bring on the Black Apron!

Target Increased

Thank you to my Sponsors


Chi Pham

Thank you and good luck, Ronni. Hope this keeps the wheels of those yellow vans turning a few more km.


The Travellers

Good luck in 2022


Think Property & Co

It's always a pleasure to support a fantastic cause.... Tam you need to increase your $$$ goal now :) Randal, Sarah & Martine


Mother's Day Present

Instead of a Mother's day present, my mother has requested the money be donated to this event. Msg from mum "Good Luck with the event"


Matching Donation

Dollar for Dollar matching for donation made by U18 donors


Bc Tan

Good work for a good cause Tam!



To match donations generously made to date.


Catherine Busy City Kids

Good luck Tam! Thanks for doing this x


Ppngo Trusts


John Mcwilliams

All the best with your fundraising


Gwen Le

Good Luck Bro!


Neil Osipuk

Thanks for getting the message out about such a great cause Tam!


Mr Jonathan V Pham



Go Tam! You rock!


Neil Osipuk

Thanks Tam for your work with Oz Harvest!


Chi Pham

Good luck Ronni. Great Cause !


Warren Hough


Judy Lui

Well done Tam!


Bc Tan


Chantal Letelier

Nearly there Xx


Gwen Le

Good luck bro


Craig B

Keep up the great work Tam !!


Uyen Vuong

Thank you for your great work. Cheers


Unicorn Hunter Uncle

Keeping my promise to match $ for $ to the unicorn hunter


Chantal's Uncle

Keeping my promise to match $ for $ to Chantal


Peter Grainger


Marco Ng

Good work Tam.



Go Cau Hai love Chantal



Go Cau Hai love your unicorn hunter


Tony Savio

Hi Tam, Please continue the good work you are doing. -Tony


Le Pham



Thank you Tam and Chi for all that you do.


Sarah Pennell


Jack Clare

I love OzHarvest Juice for Good. Good luck Tam


Lisa Dainty

Tam, you are such an are an amazing part of the OzHarvest team! You legend!



C'mon Tam!!


Jo Hillier

Go Tam!!

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